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The Project Begins

January 27, 2010

Written by Eric Bird

Twelve inspiring years in the classroom, two creative years with the UCI Writing project, and nine wonderful years in a Blue Ribbon, California Distinguished technology-driven school have landed me the job that dreams are made of. I’m putting cutting-edge technology in the hands of students and teachers, training them on the latest and greatest advancements, and then making sure said technology can be used in a core curriculum classroom on a regular basis.

Piece of cake, right?

If you have ever been in the classroom, as a teacher or facilitator, you are probably laughing at that statement. The fact is, this is a great project, I love it, I believe in it, but I know the road will probably contain as many bumps as smooth highways. I know what the average schedule looks like for a teacher – the stacks of papers waiting to be graded, the administrative requests, the parent conferences, the prep work for a great lesson the next day, and, of course, the testing. So, as the man that places yet another “to do” list in the teachers’ hands, I was expecting to be greeted with a not-so-friendly necessary compliance.

I was wrong.

At this point in the project, I have been to the schools and met my pilot teachers, the administrators, and my co-workers in making this dream a reality. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, involved in this venture is motivated, flexible, friendly, excited, and open to any and all suggestions about how to make this work. Best of all, it’s about the students. What can benefit them best? How can we make this fun?

Here we are, moving on a dream project that every participant feels is worthwhile. At the core, we all want to contribute in some way to the future of our society, and we can do so by giving our schools the tools they need to be successful. Preparing students in a cyber-generation world for a Star Trek tomorrow. The possibilities are endless. Out of creative thought comes technological reality. And, no, I’m not a Trekkie, just someone looking to bring a brighter, well-funded light to our students.

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