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Digital Wish spent a year researching computing initiatives that provide a laptop for every child (1:1 computing). Implementing technology into a classroom effectively is a multi-step process. Too many of the schools we visited were addressing the same subset of problems, making the same decisions, and often making the same mistakes in isolation. It’s an incredible waste of resources!

Bold Idea!
We believe we can automate the process of classroom technology adoption, and at the same time teach schools how to sustain their technology programs. By deploying 1:1 computing in dozens of schools, Digital Wish will isolate every step in the process of classroom technology integration, and strive to automate it. We will post step-by-step models online, useful automation tools, videos, downloadable resources, and instruction, so that schools statewide and nationwide can replicate the same processes that have been successful in our schools.

Our primary output from this project will be automated and replicable processes that allow any school to tackle the complex process of deploying 1:1 computing and avoiding the common pitfalls that inhibit school modernization.

Progress Map
Every single line in this rubric must be addressed in order for a school to truly succeed. The Digital Wish School Modernization Initiative helps schools identify their starting point on each stripe, as well as their eventual target. Success towards modernization is measured by rightward movement.

Digital Wish is crafting a menu of interventions for every single line on the progress map. Schools utilize the resources they need to progress towards their goals. The 1:1 implementation kit, launching in December of 2011, will have all the guidance schools need to advance their own technology program.


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